TruliaCare DICOM Preview Ingester

RIS/PACS Solution can integrate with any imaging source like ultrasound machine which provides DICOM images. The DICOM preview images are directly ingested as soon as technican does the imaging without any human intervention. With a software as service business model, this solution is extremely cost effective way of managing imaging results (preview images) securely.

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Customer Speak

A Boston-area healthcare provider selected the DICOM Ingester (DI) product to improve its clinical workflow and the quality of captured medical images. Using the DI, clinical staff simply press a button on the medical imaging device, and the image is available within the EMR within seconds, at a highly competitive price. With a cloud-based EMR product, a solution that was both compliant with all regulatory standards and also cloud-based, was provided. Tightly integrated with cloud-based identity management products, the DI product adhered to current security standards (SAML), and used a lightweight connector hosted on the customer network to securely transmit information to the cloud EMR. It is estimated that operational savings in excess of 1000% were achieved through use of the DI product, recognized through reclaimed time and reduced errors.

CIO: Boston-area healthcare provider

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